Donnerstag, 5. Mai 2011

Rise Against

Rise Against is an american Punkt/Hardcore Band from Illinois.
They started under the name Transistor Revolt in 1999 in 2001 they changed the name to RiseAgainst and released their first album Siren Song of the Counter Culture.
And what most people dont know, they are active Supporters of PETA and animal rights organzations.
2 Bandmembers are Vegentarian the other 2 are Vegan.

And now its out! The new Album Endgame, i listned to it and its pretty nice, for sure it gots the unmistakable Rise Agaist style, with the powerfull Guitar Riffs and the amazing Voice of the Leadsinger Tim Mcllrath, but all songs sound a little bit like the one befor, no song gives you after 2 seconds this "WOW"-Feeling, sad but get your own opinion.