Dienstag, 10. Mai 2011

Maxium The Hormone

Maximum The Hormone ( マキシマムザホルモン) is a Japanese nu metal/Punkrock band from Hachioji, Tokyo.
A fact that really differences them from other bands is that they mix styles very professional.
The band was created in 1998 by Daisuke Tsuda and Nao Kawakita. Daisuke left the Band in 2001. While the rest was looking for new members, Nao thought about her little brother Ryo wich played the Guitar his whole life long. He joined the band and took the part of the 2nd guitar and the melodic vocal parts. They get realy famous in Japan and the rest of the world by playing the opening and ending tracks in the anime series "Death Note"

I found this band by watching "Death Note" used google for a few minutes and instant loved this amazing band.
Oftopic: If you never seen Death Note before WATCH IT! Its really the best anime I've ever seen. Ok Ok enough about that.
What this band makes it so good is the style mixing, they are able to scream and sing pop songs. and often enough both in one song. So it never gets boring.

Pop and a little bit of Metal:

Full Metal: