Montag, 23. Mai 2011


Frittenbude (engl.: chippy) is a german Elektropunkband from Geisenhausen. The band was created in 2006 while the 3 bandmembers were driving to a festival ,becouse the radio dosen't work they decided to rap and sing to their own beats and later they made an own band. Their first album "Nachtigall" was published in 2008, most of their tracks have humorus , but a few a sociocritical lyric. They are also very committed in the fight against Neo-Nazism and gayhate.

This band is very popular here in Germany, but no one knows them in the rest of the world, thats such a pity.
They got amazing beats and the singer always sounds like he is a little bit drunkin, that animates someone to sing with them, so turn up you Bassbox and give them a try even if you dont understand them.


  • (2008) Nachtigall
  • (2010) Katzengold

  • (2008) Pandabär
  • (2008) Mindestens in 1000 Jahren
  • (2009) Raveland
  • (2009) Hildegard
  • (2009) Electrofikkkke
  • (2009) Das Licht
  • (2009) Nach Fest kommt Fest / Steven Seagull
  • (2010) Und täglich grüßt das Murmeltier
  • (2010) Bilder mit Katze

Mindestens in 1000 Jahren:


  1. Meh not my kind of taste..
    I'm always in for new music and will be watching for more recommendations though!

  2. never heard of them but really like this song going to spotify some of their stuff later...

  3. Nice song, gotta check them out.

  4. Pretty cool band. I like the fact that they are against the neo-nazis as well, we need all the help we can get against them.

  5. Definitely have to get some more of that!

  6. Seems like a decent band, i'll look into it

  7. Imho electropunk needs to get rid of their current image.. and then i'll embrace the music again.

    Till then, I'll just secretly do it :)